About the Artist

Gonzalo Papanonakis is a highly regarded Uruguayan artist living and working in Los Angeles . His dynamic and colorful works combine mixed media , rich imagery , and an expressionistic handling of form and line .
Having traveled extensively , Papantonakis´global experiences are reflected in the themes of communication and language . Self-taught , the artist draws inspiration from a wide range of sources , many of which are musicians and composers .

Music’s ability to affect a wide range of emotions and its capacity to unify disparate elements and tonal colors into an overarching harmonic scheme has been a long-standing source of inspiration for Papantonakis . This influence manifests itself in the artist’s works in various ways : through the incorporation of sheet music into collages , the application of musical terms , and recurring images of instruments and notions of performance .

Evocations of childhood are found throughout Papantonakis canvases in the recurrence of images such as bike helmets , ballerinas and video game controllers .Many works incorporate collage and a rough handling of form , which communicates a sense of youthful spontaneity .

Based in Los Angeles , Papantonakis spent his childhood between Uruguay and Argentina before traveling extensively within Europe and the United States . The artist’s work is held in prestigious collections throughout Europe , the United States , Latin America , Australia and Asia . Papantonakis has also completed numerous site-specific works including a monumental installation at the Thompson Hotel ( Thom Bar ) in New York City , as well as commissions for Pepsi .

Gonzalo is currently completing his ” Arab Spring ” series , a provocative and playful interpretation of the recent movements towards regime change throughout the Middle East . Incorporating elements of ancient Egyptian art as well as the omnipresent logos of social media , these new works inspire the audience to consider not only the changing concepts of revolution in our time but the new emerging iconography that defines our generation . The series is expected to be completed and exhibited within 2012 .